Built On The Latest Tech
.NET Core

PCI DSS Compliant at
Code and Server Level

Hassle-Free Cloud
Scalability On The Fly

Upgrades And Patches Done Automatically

Multi-language and
Currency Support


Personalized For Your Business Needs

Integrates With All
Payment Processors

Real-Time Shipping With
ShipEngine Integration

Integrates With All
Acct and Tax Solutions

Auto-Ship and
Subscription Order Ready

No Limit To
Products or Customers

With our proprietary order fraud protection rules system you can create an unlimited number of order review rules to flag and hold orders for review before processing them. Reducing charge backs and additional fees from credit card processors along with providing you the tools to combat malicious activity from ever happening with your customers. Our proprietary order review rules system is first of it’s kind in any eCommerce platform. Stopping fraudulent orders dead in their tracks and providing your customers the safest shopping environment possible.

Platinum-Level Security For Server And Site.

Immensa Cart Secure

Your customers come first and at Immensa Cart, we understand that commitment. We do what it takes to keep your customers’ information safe and secure. Immensa Cart doesn’t just provide security. We use the latest PCI compliant security advancements across the board from code to server level. We don’t follow security standards. We set them.

Managed vs Non-Managed vs Immensa Cart
What Are The Differences?

Managed Shopping Carts

  • Completely hands off approach. No knowledge needed.

  • No direct access to source code. Logic not fully customizable.

  • Performance issues possible. Hundreds packed onto server.

  • No real uniqueness from other shopping carts using the same software.

  • No custom discounts, promotions, or product offerings.

  • Future marketing integration channels non existent if not provided by the software.

  • Server specific configurations not possible. PCI issues may arise.

  • No Fraud Protection Rules Built-In
  • Business model, built around no customizations to source to avoid complications.

Non-Managed Shopping Carts

  • Fully customizable, but requires deep understanding and language built on.

  • Completely hands on approach. Extensive and deep understanding required.

  • Bulk zip file sent directly to you of the source code. Your on your own.

  • Regarding hosting, clients get the bare minimum to run software usually.

  • Many clients purchase shared hosting, only to find out its not PCI compliant.

  • Customizations not as easy as you thought. Hire third party developer.

  • Development can be slow process, not fluent in software or limitations in software.

  • Future patches sent as bulk downloads, overwriting all custom logic. Redo every time.

  • Great for developers making money, get to re-do all previous logic with each release.

  • No Fraud Protection Rules Built-In

  • Business model, fully customizable, but overwritten each time.

Can We Just Get The Best Of Both Worlds? Done.
In A Class By Itself Immensa Cart Stands!

Immensa Cart eCommerce Platform

  • Completely hands off approach. We do all setup, optimizations and ensure security.

  • We are with you every step of the way.
  • Fully customizable source and logic directly from the developers.

  • Cloud hosting that scales with your business, never worry again.
  • PCI compliant at site and server level.

  • Patches are seamless, merged into custom logic, never overwritten.

  • Offer customers unique discounts, promotions and product offerings.

  • Individual Site Source Repository, All Changes Tracked And Monitored.
  • Hosted and Managed On Your Own Server Environment. Scalability On The Fly.
  • Fraud Protection Rules Built-In
  • Business model, fully managed server with fully customizable logic.

It Just Makes Sense!


  • Installation Done For You
  • Server Setup & Optimizations
  • Fully Customizable Source Code And Logic
  • Dynamic Server Performance Increases As Your Business Grows
  • PCI Compliant At Site And Server Level
  • Site Specific Server Configurations
  • Easier Code Debugging, Logging and Development
  • Apply Future Patches Without Overwriting Custom Logic
  • Fraud Protection Rules Built-In

Immensa Cart



 Yes    No    Maybe

Hassle-Free Scalability

Immensa Cart Hosting

As your business grows, you want your platform to grow with you. Immensa Cart makes that easy, seamless, and without the additional costs and headaches associated with other ecommerce and hosting platforms. We provide fast, flexible, and growable state-of-the-art cloud hosting technology using the latest advances of industry leaders Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to provide your customers with the shopping experience they deserve no matter how large you grow.

Safe & Easy Payments

Immensa Cart Payments

Immensa Cart is made to fit your customers’ particular needs from real time credit card processing to offline wholesale purchase orders. Our proprietary platform integrates fully with all payment processors, including PayPal, Authorize.net, Heartland and USAePay to name a few, providing your customers with the payment methods they need for an easy, pleasant shopping experience.

Personalized For Your Business

Immensa Cart Customize

Your business is unique, so why use a generic, off-the-shelf shopping cart? Immensa Cart can provide you and your customers with the cart you need designed and built with the right mix of features to meet your needs for now and in the years to come.

Real-Time Shipping, Real Simple

Immensa Cart Shipping

Immensa Cart can fit any of your business needs across a broad spectrum of shipping providers. Thanks to our immense API integrations, the need for costly and time consuming adjustments aren’t required. This means that our platform can handle real-time shipping rates, address validation, zip code lookup, and full label and package generation, as well as many other jobs, with an efficiency that sets the industry standard.

Phone And Mail Orders Made Easy

Average order time with a phone customer on the Immensa Cart system is between 2-3 minutes! The key to customer satisfaction is flexibility and Immensa Cart delivers. Instead of clunky, time-wasting log-in phone ordering, we give your customer service agents the tools they require to address your customers’ needs directly. With faster, friendlier service, we can help you to make phone ordering a less expensive and more satisfying buying experience. Our phone-focused storefronts ensure that your customer calls are addressed fast and efficiently.

Upgrades And Patches Without The Headaches

Immensa Cart Repo

Immensa Cart does away with the aggravation that goes with upgrading other shopping cart platforms. Instead of having an entirely new code dumped onto your server that overwrites all your customizations and settings, we deploy our updates automatically using a separate repository that seamlessly integrates with your previous changes regardless of design. Everything stays intact and you miss all the frustrations, downtime, possible security holes, and lost sales.

How Long Does It Take You To Place A Phone Order On Your Current System?

A major area most clients neglect to research and review when choosing a shopping cart software solution is, how easy is it to actually enter a phone order? Immensa Cart has been put the through the paces over the years across numerous phone ordering call centers and has been refined to ensure speed, accuracy and validation is in place to avoid common user errors when entering orders and is laid out in a way that just makes sense for the customer service representative.

Average order time with a phone customer on the Immensa Cart system is between 2-3 minutes! This is incredibly efficient, resulting in reduced on hold times and increasing customer morale when ordering over the phone. This also reduces the number of customer service representatives you actually need on staff when using the Immensa Cart platform. Changing how you handle phone orders is one of the simplest and most dramatic changes you can make for your business. Start reducing overhead today and make the change to a phone and mail order centric system. Schedule a demo today and see for yourself.

I Am Ready To Make The Switch To Immensa Cart!

If you have a business that needs an efficient, flexible, scalable design that focuses on customer satisfaction, then Immensa Cart is for you. Instead of selling you a set of files from a downlink for a license fee, we provide full service dealing with hosting, SQL database, and installation setup. You don’t need to be a .NET developer or security expert because we’ll make sure your site and your customers are secure and protected thanks to the .NET system’s fast, easy custom development and debugging.

Request A Free Demo And See

Contact us for a free demonstration of just what Immensa Cart can do for you and your business. We’ll lay out the options available, as well as a full review of your current storefront and order management systems that will show you how we can provide you with major time savings and increase sales. We’ll walk you through all features that put Immensa Cart far ahead of the competition. There’s no obligation. So, why not contact us today?